LGSL Board Meeting Minutes


Updated Friday March 22, 2019 by Kara Pinciaro.

LGSL Minutes Meeting
-Attendees: Karen Boulay, Amy Ashe, Craig Zapanas, Chad Pinciaro, Amy Ashe,
George Ivas, Jeremiah Martin, Karen Henderson, Caylyn Burris, Rick Gamache, Keri
-7:07 pm start time
-Last year’s dates:
Assessment: March
Field clean: 4/14
Opening day: 5/5
Jamboree: 5/6
Family Fun Day: 5/19
Pictures: 5/19
Awards: 6/21
-This year’s dates:
Assessment: 3/31
Field clean: 4/6, 4/13
Opening day: 5/4
Jamboree: 5/5
Family Fun Day: 5/18 (tentative)
Pictures: 5/18 (tentative)
Awards: 6/18? Need to ask for this…
-Karen suggested a punch list for clean up day
-waiting on George to confirm 5/18 schedule with Blast to make sure his
team could make pictures and family fun day
-Current Numbers
21 instructional
22 8U
18 10U
13 12U
-Coaching volunteers
4 instructional
5 8U
1 10U
4 12U
-Winter sessions continuing
-Assessments on 3/31
Instructional 3 teams
8u 2 teams
10u 2 teams
12U 1 team
-Uniforms- running behind, but can’t be ordered until sponsors are set
-Definite sponsors: Bensons Lumber, Granite State Kempo, George J. Ivas CPA
-Coordinator scheduling:
Instruc: Amy Ashe
8U: Craig Zapenas
10 U- Kevin Brown??
12 U- George Ivas
BUDGET: Agree to zero out balance of $365 of accounts receivable
Karen Boulay reported on spending, budget, etc.
Move funding with adjustments
Rec is going to pay for softballs 100%
Budget needs to have two line items: Blast and LGSL
Discussion over how much is necessary to spend on fields
Recommended that coaches rake the fields after each game- helps to maintain the
field so much better
The board should have to vote on Blast funding and how that money is spent.
Motion to move forward with budget by Chad and seconded by Rick.
-SNACK SHACK- still need a coordinator
-Possibly have a coordinator for Rec and Blast?
-home coach responsible for closing every night?
-schedule for opening and closing snack shack?
Snack shack
10U coordinator?
-10U update: tryout on 3/24
-No roster restriction for Babe Ruth travel team
-Umpire Training:
2 days, pay raised to $20 a game, Karen and Will will discuss as they will run
training, Amy will schedule umpires for the 10u and 12U games. Amy requested
that Karen get best numbers to text and email the umpires, Rick recommends high
schoolers for the Jamboree.
-Chad makes motion to
Change pay for
10U- $17
10U- $22 alone
12U- $20
12U- $25 alone
Amy seconds the motion
Vote - all in favor
-Motion to end the meeting: Chad
2 nd : Craig